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Chlamydia Infections-Chlamydia is a very common std.

Chlamydia Infections-Chlamydia is a very common std.

What exactly is chlamydia?

It really is due to germs called Chlamydia trachomatis. It could infect both women and men. Ladies will get chlamydia in the cervix, rectum, or neck. Guys will get chlamydia when you look at the urethra (within the penis), anus, or neck.

How can you get chlamydia?

You may get chlamydia during oral, genital, or anal intercourse with somebody who has the disease. A female can also pass chlamydia to her child during childbirth.

If you have had chlamydia and had been addressed in past times, you may get re-infected when you have non-safe sex with somebody who has it.

That is susceptible to buy mail order brides getting chlamydia?

Chlamydia is more typical in teenagers, particularly women.