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Warning: Juniors Planning to head to university should not Take summer time Off яюE! 

Warning: Juniors Planning to head to university should not Take summer time Off! 

‘Applying to college can wait till my year that is senior. That’s the worst thinking that is wrong college-bound high school pupil might have!

It is the right time to get informed. Getting into college is really a long, difficult procedure and it is getting harder as college admissions gets to be more and much more competitive.

Check out things you ought to be doing BEFORE your senior year.

Plan your senior 12 months classes and position paper on abortion prepare for them. Grades can be a big element in college admission choices, and people grades need to be people in challenging courses. Year make sure you are taking the best classes you can your senior. It’s not a to take it easy year. You may also want to get ready so you can make your best effort. If you will be in AP English, you might want to get the book list and pre-read the assignments. If you are going to just take calculus, you might want to work with a tutor for a few months come early july to examine algebra and have an introduction to calculus.

Plan you SAT and ACT tests. Develop you have got currently taken these tests through your junior year to own some training to see where your weaknesses are. Nov your year that is senior is you ought to be re-taking these tests to enhance your ratings. Come july 1st could be the time and energy to enroll in test prep courses also to both review test prep booklets and just take test that is online.

Read about colleges while making an university list.